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Ethiopian weddings

On a recent trip to Ethiopia I was enchanted with the weddings I came across.  Huge village events – dancing, feasting, and drinking.  There were are range of ceremonies and processions including ‘bull jumping’ to find out whether a young man was eligible to marry.1076 10851082957 811 1116

Wedding at The George

We were extremely fortunate to have Krissy as our wedding celebrant at our recent marriage. In the period prior to this, Krissy proved to be a very calm, understanding and knowledgeable presence. With her experience she was able to guide us, making innovative suggestions while at the same time giving us the space to make our own decisions.

The result was a fantastic wedding day that caught the interest and attention of many. Krissy has the ability to get along with everyone with her friendly inclusive approach.

We would recommend her to anyone looking for a first-rate celebrant.

Marilyn and Phil Davison