Say it with flowers

Flowers on your wedding day can be magical. They create ambiance and show passion. They can be worn or placed anywhere. In buttonholes, around mothers’ wrists, on your head, sitting on the tables, tied to chairs, sprinkled on the ground, thrown by guests, decorating your cake, in traditional bridal bouquets and over wedding arches. Flowers can go anywhere.
When choosing what flowers to have, you may wish to consider the traditional meaning of types of flowers.
Flowers have specific meanings in the language of love.
Roses; Love and Romance
Sunflowers; adoration, loyalty, and longevity
Fragrant lilies; Friendship and devotion
Wildflowers; whimsical, spontaneous, and thoughtful
Carnations; fascination and love
Orchids; Love beauty, luxury and strength
Hydrangeas; grace and beauty
Tulips; love and confidence
For more details about the meanings of various flowers, see
Think what certain flowers remind you of. Perhaps your Granny, the first flower given to, or by you, on a date,
Some places offer to preserve your flowers afterwards, or you can press them and make cards, or a photo, so the magic of the day and the love expressed can live on.
I can make recommendations of florists that can help you with your choices.