Who to choose for your witnesses?

To get married in New Zealand, you need to say your vows in front of 2 witnesses who then need to sign the marriage licence as witnesses. These can be any two people chosen by you, who understand what you are promising to each other, and understand the significance of the vows. They must be not under the influence of drink or illicit drugs.
Traditionally, there was at least a best man and a bridesmaid, but now it is, like all things to do with weddings, all about what and who you wish.
Your witnesses:
• Don’t have to be ‘one from the groom and one from the bride’s’ side.
• May be any of the members of your ‘wedding group’.
• May be your mothers or your fathers.
• May be two friends you wish to honour, or include in your day. They don’t have to play any other formal role in the ceremony.
• May be your children if they are of an age that understand what you have promised in your vows.
And if you find it all too hard to choose your witnesses without offending anyone, you can have random witnesses, chosen on the day with a ‘pull a name out of a hat’, a game of heads and tails, or a lucky seat..so long as they are sober and understood your vows.
It’s that easy.
My simple advice is that the table you sign the marriage licence on is free of candles and flowers in water, as this has been known to cause chaos on the day..Just saying..