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Everyone’s story is unique, and I would love to help you celebrate yours, to make it real for you.

Whether it is the beginning of life, a pledge of love and commitment, a memorial,  the goodbye at a funeral, or a significant event, I will help you to create the ceremony that best fits the occasion, and you.  Because it is all about you. Celebrating your story.

i am known as a great listener, with a warm-hearted, calm and understanding manner and I like a lot of fun.

Having traveled widely I enjoy exploring different cultures and ceremonies.  I love being outdoors, by water, under trees, in the hills, or in your own home.  I currently work as a qualified Group Fitness instructor in gentle exercise, as well as my celebrant work.

I have experience with many friends and family members who have lost children, siblings and parents.  Even in the happiest of ceremonies it might feel important to remember or honour those people who are no longer with you.  I can help you do this in a meaningful and appropriate way.

My ‘Full Celebrant Wedding Package’ is a fully personalised ceremony,  telling the story of your love, with personal vows, readings and anything else we wish to include. This comes with a rehearsal and face to face meet ups.

For those who want a simple ceremony I offer a  ‘Simple package’.

I am also registered to offer the Standard Registry Wedding – a  ceremony when your vows and  the ceremony are written for you; to say in front of 2 chosen witnesses.  A no frills or extras option.  It is for Mondays to Fridays only, 9-4.30.

Marriage Services Government Website

                       What is included in the ‘ Simple’ package’?

You choose the venue, and the time of day/evening/weekends.  You can write your own vows and make the ceremony personal to you. Or I can offer you a choice of standard vows.  Others can be involved in your ceremony, but my legal responsibility, as your        celebrant, is to hear your vows, witness the signing of the marriage licence, with 2 other witnesses and make sure you have a legal ceremony.  There is a limit of 30 people, including the wedding party.

                     What is not included in the  ‘Simple package’ ?

It doesn’t include a rehearsal, or a personalized wedding ceremony which I handcraft                    with you,  (this is my Full Celebrant package) but you can make the ceremony  personal to you.

You are required to arrange your own marriage licence with Births, Deaths and Marriages.

                     How does this differ from a Registry Office ceremony?

You cannot choose personal vows, and have 2 choices of vows in your short ceremony.

You must provide 2 witnesses, and arrange your marriage licence at least 3 days prior, through Births Deaths and Marriages.

This ceremony can be in my home, or a venue that works for us both, indoors or outdoors.

I am a  Verified member of  CANZ, (Celebrant Association of New Zealand),  undertaking regular professional development, and have studied with The Celebrant School of New Zealand.

If there is a change in circumstances due to COVID or illness, I have ability to adapt and respond to changing needs.

If you would like a no obligation meeting to discuss your celebration,  please contact me on;

0273263958 or mark.krissy@xtra.co.nz

Celebrating your stories

3 thoughts on “About Krissy

  1. krissy christensen

    Really looking forward to more celebrant training today with other celebrants, looking at how to use Poems and Readings effectively, and creating memorable ceremonies.

  2. Frank Hakkaart

    After my wife Judith Duncan died of MND it was Krissy’s care and sensitivity that allowed us to bring together family, friends and Judith’s colleagues in a way that not only acknowledged the loss but also wonderfully celebrated a life. Her approach allowed all there to feel like they had participated in an event that positively met our needs but also would have been approved of by Judith herself. Thank you Krissy.

  3. Erica Gilchrist

    Fantastic news Krissy that you are at last doing this work – I can’t think of anyone more suited to work with any of us at the sort of milestones and significant times that you will be involved in, in your capacity as a celebrant.
    I think I could have earmarked you for this work 20 years ago when we first met. You will bring that fantastic mix of yours of compassion, humour and just the right phrase.
    Best wishes
    Erica Gilchrist


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